Nurturing talent is very important to us and underpins our business model. We believe our values reflect and shape who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it.

We’re committed to a vibrant, dynamic and innovative business.  We want everyone to realise their full potential and share that ethos in the way that we serve our clients.

We’ve analysed our DNA and mapped this out in our values, culture and behaviours.  In all that we do, with people, projects or businesses, we:

  • are passionate – we engage our hearts as well as our heads
  • are appreciative – we show gratitude to our people, our projects and our clients
  • aspire to simplicity – we ensure the most appropriate and efficient route is taken whilst innovating
  • are direct – we focus on outcomes, delivering in a bold and confident manner
  • communicate – we listen and exchange in an open and honest way to achieve understanding and commitment
  • are transparent – we share in a collaborative and interdependent way
  • are honest – we reward and promote honesty and truth irrespective of consequence
  • are open – we seek to develop a fully collaborative team culture
  • trust – we build trust through verification and delivery
  • seek integrity – we engage our personal, projects and client relationships in an authentic and true manner.

Our business is our people.

Current Vacancies

Graduates (incl. Trainees / Apprentices / Interns)

We invest significant time and money in choosing the right people and in training and developing them to achieve their ambitions and goals throughout their career. Investing in people in this way ensures that members of the Atorus team enjoy what they do, feel challenged and realise their ambitions. This then ensures a first class service for our clients.

We look for graduates who are prepared to challenge themselves and their colleagues to produce outstanding results. Excellent academic results are one thing but we also look for a dynamic attitude, a creative approach to problem solving and the ability to build strong relationships. These are the qualities we value and believe our industry will need moving forward.

Graduate opportunities are available in our Digital Solutions team.

We expect all of our graduates to develop and progress along their career path. We will provide you with the support that you need, mentoring and role opportunity.

Professional qualification is an important component but breadth and depth of experience through practice will ensure that you are the best version of yourself.

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Consultant / Senior Consultant (Cost Management)

With a view to 2021 and our growth plans, we would love to hear from you, if you want to develop your career in an emerging business with strong growth ambitions. You will support project leaders in generating a high standard of service delivery, achieving successful outcomes for our clients, capturing and sharing knowledge across projects, enhancing our culture of innovation and reinforcing our values and behaviours.

You will be self-motivated through personal development and a growth mindset. Professionally, you will have a client-centric focus, with an ability to deliver clear and concise advice whilst engaging in a collaborative and contemporary manner within the project team.


Sector experience preferred:
• Masterplanning; Residential; Aged Care; Higher Education

You will join a team that will provide you with progressive career development, exposure to cross-sector experience and a broad range of services and business operations. Our business seeks to lead its market through service quality, engagement, accountability and integrated technology-enabled service delivery.

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We know that applying for jobs can be nerve racking, frustrating and a potential minefield.  We therefore want to help you through this process so that we can ensure that when we do meet, we are both able to share our expectations and aspirations fully.

So, to help:

  1. You don’t need to apply separately for each position you’re interested in
  2. We want to understand more about you; your own experience, expertise and knowledge and where your ambitions align with our business
  3. Make sure you read the job profile carefully. We write these to help you understand what we are looking for
  4. Please include your current and expected salary details and details of your notice period
  5. We’ll let you know when we receive your details. We’ll then let you know if we would like to meet you for an informal discussion or interview
  6. True to our business philosophy, we are opportunistic and you may be able to bring something to our business that we have not thought.  We encourage you to share your dreams with us, even if we are not advertising a role that meets with your own skill set.