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Erland Rendall


I’m a free-thinking, creative individual with a depth and range of experience gained across two continents on high-profile programs and projects.  I’ve developed a broad range of end-market expertise developed through strong, direct client facing environments.

Distilling and leveraging over 25 years of experience, I founded Atorus Consult with a clear vision for enhancing the performance of projects, individuals and businesses, deploying leading approaches and techniques to create successful outcomes.

With a strong extroversion bias, I gain energy and stimulation from others along with a strong preference for relying on Intuition over sensing information.  Combine my personality preferences with an equally strong creative / innovative outlook and my key strengths lie in strategic thinking, activating change in consideration of the future.

I’m a passionate believer in innovation, collaboration and the leveraging of experience with technology.  As an employer and service provider, I strive to create an environment that delights.

Married with 3 children, I value switching off from work through road cycling and continue to dream of re-building our home.