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Patrick McArdle


I’m a construction professional with 20+ years experience in project planning and delivery, predominantly in the UK and the Middle East. Put simply, I use my experience (both good and bad) of previous projects to try to make my next project better than the last one and I’m motivated by improving myself, my team and my industry.

Thorough and effective planning and management and improving decision making and actions on a project, with an awareness of the implications of both, can achieve a scenario where all stakeholders realise their objectives as both individuals or as a business, whilst the team achieves the common goal of successful project completion.

By challenging and improving the why/what/how we do things, the completion of construction projects can be a more pleasant and successful journey for all of the stakeholders involved with congratulations all round when a project is over.

Married with a young daughter, I value time spent with my family, watching football and planning my Grand Design.